Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2021

1 3 5 V IEWPOINT Driving efficiency with digital awareness TecnoVeritas’s BOEM-S toolbox application will offer cruise companies valuable new capabilities as they look to maximise their efficiency I n the past when shipowners talked about increasing ship efficiency, they focused on improving fuel consumption and energy use. Today, they have widened their perspective to explore how efficient ship operations can help them to maximise investments and minimise environmental impact too. For example, digitalisation, which is gaining momentum in all commercial sectors, represents a significant opportunity for the cruise industry to improve efficiency. In general, the digitalisation of shipping is driven by vessel insights, which are derived from contextualised analysis of all the data available from the vessel’s ecosystem. Identifying business opportunities demands continuous real-time inputs, allowing shipowners to make optimised, context- aware decisions. These capabilities are critical for an organisation’s competence in event processing and decision-making, requiring a reliable flow of information and knowledge. However, such knowledge usually belongs to only a few individuals, and is limited by their capacity for data analysis and processing. Furthermore, most shipowners use a myriad of software tools to capture and record operational data, so they must use expensive human resources to analyse it for insights. This prevents the business from growing. Thus, excellence in event processing is essential to the success of an agile digital shipping business. To offer this expertise, TecnoVeritas has been developing a tailor- made, cloud-based toolbox application since 2014 named the Blue Overall Efficiency Monitoring System (BOEM-S). BOEM-S addresses all the above issues in a friendly and customisable environment, seamlessly connecting the ship to onshore headquarters with a high degree of flexibility to integrate with other existing systems data. In 2017, the solution was adopted by Mystic Cruises for its new luxury passenger vessels. BOEM-S covers all aspects of ship management, including performance monitoring; energy and emissions optimisation; voyage optimisation; maintenance management; reporting and documentation; purchasing and budgeting. As a result, Mystic Cruises has accesses to continuous real-time situational awareness data, which allows it to make optimised context-aware decisions. CFR Jorge Antunes is CEO of TecnoVeritas By Jorge Antunes, TecnoVeritas