Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2021

6 5 Luigi Portelli, Director of Sales for the Americas at Dorelan “Premium products often have a reputation for being expensive, but the reality is that they are about so much more than price. A true premium product plays a vital role in delivering an experience that makes a consumer feel valued and cared for. Premium products are made of the best quality materials and exhibit the finest craftsmanship. They are also unique, thoughtful and innovative, and often go beyond simple functionality in terms of performance. Consequently, premium products help ship operators to put guests’ needs and experience first and drive deep customer loyalty. People want to experience a brand that prioritises their comfort, well- being, and happiness, and it’s easy to do this when using the very best materials and craftsmanship.” Helena Sawelin, Partner and Business Director at Tillberg Design of Sweden “We always strive to deliver good quality in all the work we are involved in – whether that is in our drawings, our choice of materials and suppliers, or in our way of working with our clients. When we were working on Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Seven Seas Splendor, there were no boundaries when it came to delivering the highest quality. We know the little details make the difference between a premium and standard design. For example, we specified premium-quality, full marble stone from Elle Marmi for the walls, floor and details in the Regent Suite bathroom. This enabled us to create a rich and luxurious space and ensured we delivered the premium experience our client wanted for its guests.”