Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

93 Certification bodies provide guidance to businesses regarding changing waste management obligations. LEED 4.1 certification requires that organisations provide safe storage and recycling of facility maintenance waste and have individual project plans for renovation waste. They must also separate facility maintenance and renovation waste from ongoing waste and address safe storage and recycling and diversion of waste associated with maintenance activities.1 Green Marine’s Level 2 waste management performance indicators for ships requires that all vessels are equipped with recycling bins and staff receive training on user procedures and the waste management hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle, recovery, disposal). There is a requirement to favour suppliers that use less packaging and to encourage the use of reusable, biodegradable and/or recyclable supplies. In addition, shipboard incineration is not permitted at port.2 “ Materials companies can and must become waste-treatment and waste-use companies that see waste as a resource such that waste becomes like virgin materials in value” United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 1 Source: US Green Building Council, LEED v4.1 2 Source: Green Marine, Environmental Program Waste management hierarchy Source: US Environmental Protection Agency, Sustainable Materials Management