Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

84 BREEAM The BREEAM certification system measures sustainable value in a series of categories that address aspects such as: low impact design and carbon emissions reduction; design durability and resilience; adaption to climate change; and ecological value and biodiversity protection. BREEAM is particularly concerned with the following aspects of design: energy, health and wellbeing, innovation, land use, materials, management, pollution, transport, waste and water. With the exception of transport and and use (although these aspects do form part of wider supply chains), all of these elements are directly applicable in a maritime design context, making BREEAM a promising tool for measuring the sustainability impacts of interior designs on passenger ships.1 These two frameworks, alongisde the others referenced in this report, are covered again under frameworks standards and certification, starting on page 100. 1 Source: BREEAM, How BREEAM Certification Works INTERNAT IONAL WI SDOM