Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

77 Anek Lines claims to be the first shipping company in Greece and Europe to support an integrated programme that rewards recycling. The company says it “undertook the exclusive sponsorship of the Integrated Centre for Rewarding Recycling in the Port of Piraeus, giving many of its passengers the chance to actively contribute towards the protection of the environment.” Baleària reused plastic packaging to build the furniture for the terraces of two of its ships (Bahama Mama and Abel Matutes). “Ecoembes and Reciclamás were responsible for collecting the plastic packaging generated on board several ships and at maritime stations, and the companies CmPlastik and Las Aventuras del Señor Maco converted an equivalent amount of recycled plastic into furniture,” says the company, adding: “It is also worth noting that this material is stronger and more resilient than that commonly used in outdoor furniture on ships, so it is expected to last longer and require less maintenance.” Scandlines is committed to achieving SDG 12: Responsible consumption and construction. “We commit to integrating sustainability into our purchasing decisions, reducing waste and improving our waste recycling as well as through continuous consultation with industry to identify and employ additional initiatives,” explains the company. Sun Ferry is supporting the novel concept of a Reverse Vending Machine Pilot Scheme, launched by the Environmental Protection Department in 2021 with the aim of installing the machines at Hung Hom Pier and Kowloon City Pier that facilitate passengers to return used plastic beverage containers. Also targeting passengers, in 2019 Stena Line tested interactive, solar-powered waste bins on Stena Danica. “The so-called Bigbellys encourage guests to keep the deck and ocean litter-free using sound interaction,” says the company. Stena RoRo says: “Waste handling and recycling are integral aspects in the decision process and operation, in all facets of the life cycle.” Tallink Group says it has a policy to “develop circular economy principles within our company and send as many items as possible to reuse that we no longer have use for ourselves.” “ As the world shifts towards a circular economy model where materials flow around a ‘closed loop’ system, rather than being used once and then discarded, we too are shifting how we work with our supply chain partners to reduce waste” Carnival Corporation