Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

70 Scandlines explains that, in the first half of 2020, “we removed paper towel dispensers in the passenger areas on Copenhagen and installed electric hand dryers to reduce paper consumption and waste. The initiative was followed up with the installation of hand dryers on Berlin.” Equipment on the administrative side of the business also offers opportunities for energy savings. Attica Group states: “80 per cent of monitors and 60 per cent of personal and laptop computers we use have energy-saving specifications.” The company also purchases equipment with Energy Star specifications. Lighting The switch to LED lighting is well underway in the sector, with Attica Group having replaced conventional light bulbs on 11 vessels with new LED bulbs. The Group also says it is “installing solar panels (on new catamarans launched in 2022) to meet lighting and electricity needs of onboard hotel services.” Hornblower, Pentland Ferries and Red Tunnel Ferries all have LED lighting on their ships, with the latter company adding “We also have plans to install solar panels at our terminals in the future.” Rederij Doeksen says of its decision to change to LED lighting on some of its ships: “This means less energy consumption and no chemical waste, or a reduction in CO2 emissions of 120kg per year.” Stena Line says: “LED lights lower energy consumption, have a life span of five years and are also easier to replace. Our vessels, terminals and ports are gradually moving over to such alternatives. In 2017 we changed more than 2,500 light bulbs in the corridors onboard the four vessels that sail from Hoek van Holland.” TT-Line notes: “The new ship is fully equipped with LED lights reducing the power demand for lighting by 80 per cent and ensuring a 10-times longer lifetime of the light sources.” Windows Sun Ferry states: “Tinted glass panels are installed in passenger cabins of our fast ferries to reduce solar radiation with the room temperature lowered, resulting in less power consumption from airconditioning.” Water Reducing water and plastic waste is a focus for several operators. Attica Group has installed photocell-operated water faucets in public WCs onboard Blue Star Delos and Blue Star Patmos, while Pentland Ferries is finding that “a water refill point on Alfred reduces single-use plastics”. CURRENT REPORTED ACT I V I T Y