Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

56 “Explore to inspire: explore to better understand, learn, share and protect. Ponant has been committed to responsible tourism, and purposeful voyages of exploration for over 30 years. Aboard a fleet of 13 French-flagged small ships, fitted with the latest environmental technologies, the journey of exploration is always elegant, authentic and inspiring. Ponant has always been attentive to ecological contingencies. A delicate balance needs to be reached between sustainability and the technical and safety constraints required to sail in remote regions. The use of natural light and quality insulation helps reduce energy consumption. The company uses recyclable materials, wood with a certified origin and natural textiles, not synthetics.” – Wassim Daoud, Head of Sustainability and CSR, Ponant “We feel responsible for people and the environment and ensure that risks associated with our activities are recognised, acknowledged and, where possible, excluded. We want to prevent damage to the environment as much as possible. Concrete steps have already been taken to this end by introducing two ferries on LNG, which are equipped with heat recovery, solar panels and many other environmentally friendly facilities. In the future we will make every effort to make our services as environmentally friendly as possible.” – Dirk Spoor, Managing Director, Rederij Doeksen “Commitment to sustainability must begin at the design stage. Scenic’s ships are built to exceed current expected environmental standards. From interior fittings, such as the LED lights running throughout the ship to reduce power wastage, heat and UV emissions, to sourcing more sustainable raw materials and products, every aspect of Scenic’s ships has been carefully considered to reduce our environmental impact. Scenic works with established partners, local suppliers and artists who share our aspiration to be as sustainable as possible. Another key topic for the industry is to address its plastic use. By providing guests with reusable stainless steel water bottles to refill from filtered water stations throughout the ship, Scenic has successfully eliminated single-use plastics for all guests onboard.” – Nichola Absalom, Director, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours COMMI TMENT