Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

43 IDO-Istanbul Fast Ferries claims that “by determining our environmental dimensions and controlling its effects with its life cycle and zero waste approach, we reduce natural resource consumption, prevent environmental pollution and continuously improve our environmental performance.” For Irish Continental Group, “The successful delivery of the Group’s customer value proposition is underpinned by a commitment to minimising our environmental impact and enhancing the sustainability of all Group activities.” Naviera Armas explains that it “applies an environmental policy as a dynamic instrument that enables it to constantly improve the conditions in which the services and auxiliary activities are carried out, with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment.” Integrating sustainability into operations is important to NYC Ferry, which says: “NYC Ferry operated by City Experiences is committed to respecting our customers, our crew and the natural environment. Through our integrated health & safety, quality and environmental management system, we strive to serve you better and leave the planet a better place than when we began.” Polish Baltic Shipping says its ships “are environmentally friendly, we comply with all the provisions and regulations of IMO on the special body of water which is the Baltic Sea as well as EU regulations in force in ports.” Another Baltic-based operator, Viking Line, states: “The sea is our lifeblood. It is as important as it is necessary to work for climate-smart travel with the welfare of the Baltic Sea in mind. And we are proud to lead the way when it comes to new solutions to reduce our environmental impact.” Red Funnel Ferries has a colour-coded approach: “Red goes GREEN is the name given to our new long-term Environmental Strategy. It seeks to showcase the environmental successes of recent years and highlight a wide range of new green initiatives, including measures to change consumer behaviour in line with the company’s commitment to operate in an environmentally sustainable and sympathetic manner.” Rederi AB Gotland says: “We have an environmentally efficient ferry fleet and we carry out continuous development work for environmental improvements,” while Stena AB states: “A key aspect of Stena’s sustainability work is to minimise negative environmental impacts, to always seek to use the planet’s resources wisely and also to contribute new solutions for the sustainable transformation of society.” Sun Ferry says the message of its motto, ‘Save our Planet, Protect the Environment’, has become a pressing issue around the globe. “We are committed to implementing a series of green initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact, saving energy and promoting recycling.” “ As part of its commitment, the company is implementing projects linked to eleven of the seventeen SDGs” Baleària