Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

Foreword – Jon Ingleton, Executive Editor, Cruise & Ferry We are all obliged to try to design, develop and promote sustainable solutions, embracing change ourselves and encouraging others to follow. And despite the often challenging outlook, our industry is clearly up for the challenge. During the six or more months that we’ve been planning and collecting content for this report from companies, industry experts and international organisations, I’ve been inspired by the enthusiastic responses that we’ve received. Over 180 willing collaborators helping us find a roadmap to more sustainable maritime interiors. The most prevalent interpretation of sustainability has three pillars – social, economic and environmental. While we touch on social and economic sustainability topics, the significant and intended focus of the content that follows is on seeking environmental performance improvement. It is within this pillar that our community can have the greatest impact. There’s more being done within the passenger shipping interior community than you might expect given the relatively low profile that this subject gets in the media. It’s time that we started celebrating successes loudly to motivate continued sustainability performance improvement and to reward those who have invested their knowledge, time and money for the benefit of our industry and the planet. Thank you to all of our contributors, who are listed on page 8, and also to our partners and sponsors. We couldn’t have produced this report without you! Huge thanks to My Nguyen too – this was your idea; we are grateful you shared it with us. We hope that it has the impact you envisaged when we first spoke about it. Individually, the people and organisations that we’ve engaged with have accomplished so much – just imagine what we could achieve if we worked more collaboratively. That’s just one of the many recommendations put forward at the end of this report. 3