Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

182 Financial and reputational rewards Being an early mover in sustainability has its risks but as operators and owners invest in more sustainable interiors, they can look forward to lower costs of refurbishment in the future thanks to reduced waste and longer-lasting fixtures and fittings. For green suppliers, more work leads to a better return on investment over time. And as companies establish themselves as leaders in the field of sustainability, their reputations improve too, leading to industry awards and more loyal customers. There are already financial incentives for passenger shipping companies to turn green in the shape of lower costs and higher revenues, as well as payback schemes for reduced energy impacts. Becoming part of the solution rather than part of the problem is rewarding in other ways, both in relation to governments’ strategies for carbon and emissions reduction and in the business case for better efficiency that can accompany more sustainable practices. Other ways in which choosing sustainable interiors can improve overall future sustainability and profitability include savings in fuel usage by incorporating lightweight materials into designs; energy savings from more efficient lighting systems; flexible designs which allow interior spaces to be multifunctional and therefore revenue generating at different times of the day; cost savings with more durable recyclable products; less waste creation and less maintenance with the right products; and more functional interiors with less environmental impact. In addition, a commitment to responsible interiors is likely to lead to more motivated employees who are willing to go the extra mile to support brand promises of which they are proud. THE ROAD AHEAD – “Investing more in creating sustainable spaces not only meets an increase in consumer awareness but also builds trust and respect that as a large commercial company, you are genuinely accountable for your business’s impact on the environment”