Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

132 The good news is that many operators are already shifting towards sustainable design and construction. However, this needs to be supplemented by training and information sharing about sustainability. And while currently, adopting innovative green technologies is a voluntary move by operators keen to carve out a green market niche, it needs to become simply what is expected of responsible ship owners, with certain activities regulated and enforced. This will then mean that all stakeholders have a commitment to a more sustainable shipbuilding process. Shifting the focus to environmental stewardship in newbuild projects will lead to the achievement of higher sustainability standards, with green technologies and practices incorporated into newbuilds to address the bigger environmental challenges that the cruise industry faces. This requires the identification and presentation of data and analysis to obtain support and sponsorship, with sustainable design principles included in the design from the pre-contractual phase. Commitment of all the parties involved is necessary for success, as is agreement on industry standards and level of ambition. This is not to say that the balance should shift to ‘all stick and no carrot’ when it comes to implementing sustainability programmes and initiatives. There needs to be a benefit to taking steps towards being more conscious towards the environment so that all players in in the industry realise that there are rewards for being more efficient with the resources available and that money alone should no longer be the only motivating factor. Starting with the end in mind is essential for companies involved in planning newbuilds. In this regard, there is room for significant improvement in end-of-life plans for products and spaces, in particular, how to safely deconstruct an interior at the end of its life. If the lifespan of a particular product is known, it makes it much easier to plan effectively for its refurbishment, reuse and recycling. – “We need to be aware that if we want to develop something new, we cannot follow old specifications and references. That starts with the very first contract with the yard” – “Include the criteria of sustainable interiors during the contract negotiation phase, especially for prototype ships. If you don’t get it into the prototype phase, then it is ten times harder to make changes” ADDRESS ING INDUSTRY I SSUES