Sustainable Maritime Interiors - 2022 Report

102 INTERNAT IONAL WI SDOM Standards systems: taking the initiative “The industry is going through significant change; many still believe that quality and sustainable solutions can’t go hand in hand. However, we are at a time when innovation, new knowledge and experience combine to make it possible to simultaneously pursue commercial benefit, environmental sustainability and social equity. The industry is at perhaps the most exciting time ever. But it does require businesses to look at their supply chains, their products and their business models.” – Martin Townsend, The British Standards Institution “A new international ISO standard for maritime energy efficiency, which can contribute to a more sustainable shipping industry, is under development, on the basis of a Danish proposal and with Danish leadership, as Danish Standards is spearheading the project.”1 – Lisa Olufson Klæsøe, Fonden Dansk Standard 1 Source: Danish Standards