Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

96 ASIA: REPORT Experiencing island culture Guests on cruises to the Okinawa Prefecture in Japan have the chance to explore different unique destinations and Unesco World Heritage sites during activities that accommodate a variety of ages and interests There are a total of 160 islands in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture, all offering natural beauty and cultural gems, ranging from historical monuments to uninhabited areas that boast unique ecosystems. There are five main ports in the prefecture, all with their own nearby attractions and potential excursions. Naha Port, in the capital city of Naha, Okinawa, is a prime destination for cruises as a gateway to the rest of the islands and offers a wide range of experiences for visitors. For example, tourists can learn about the history of Okinawa by touring nearby Unesco World Heritage sites such as the ruins of the Shurijo Castle and the Shikinaen Royal Garden. Furthermore, there are opportunities to visit uninhabited islands around Okinawa by ferry, such as Nagannu Island, which boasts clear water perfect for snorkelling. Also on the main Okinawa Island is Motobu Port and Nakagusukuwan Port. At Motobu Port, visitors will be able to explore the nearby Yanbaru National Park, play with dolphins at Motobu Genki Village, or learn about local industry at Matayoshi Coffee Farm. From Nakagusukuwan port, guests can visit the Zakimi Castle Ruins World Heritage Site, the Okinawa Zoo and Museum and Niisato Sake Brewery, the oldest sake brewery in Okinawa. Miyako Island offers a range of land and sea attractions, and visitors to Hirara port can go on glass boat tours, swim with sea turtles and explore the islands culture of food and crafts that make use of what the sea provides. Kunigami on the main Okinawa Island is home to Tataki falls, the most famous waterfall on the island at 40 feet tall