Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

91 Hong Kong, China Asia’s ‘urban heartbeat’, Hong Kong provides endless shopping and dining options, an East-meets-West culture, a diverse range of attractions and a world-renowned skyline, all of which make Hong Kong the perfect cruise destination. Whether you’re a foodie seeking a memorable dining experience, a nature lover who wants to see beautiful landscapes and the great outdoors, or a culture enthusiast who loves exploring the local culture, arts and history, Hong Kong has it all! Okinawa, Japan Made up of 160 islands, Okinawa is Japan’s southernmost island region and is located between Taiwan and mainland Japan. Situated at the same latitude as popular resort destinations around the world as Hawaii, Miami, and Cancun, Okinawa is Japan’s most beloved island for beach resorts. Okinawa is geographically close to major Asian ports such as Taiwan, Shanghai, Jeju, Busan, Fukuoka, and Tokyo, with five major ports where cruise ships of 200,000 tons or more can call. There are also spots on neighbouring islands where smaller vessels can call at ports. Destination highlights We asked five popular cruise ports in Asia to showcase what makes their destinations a must-visit during a cruise to the region Photo: Vladimir Haltakov/Unsplash