Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

89 Helped by the bespoke design of Diamond Princess, Japan has proved to be a particularly popular destination for Princess Cruises in the region. The cruise operator is introducing its guests to one of the country’s most famous natural wonders in one of its recently announced itineraries. “Our recently announced 2025 Japan cruise season includes a ‘Spring Flowers’ cruise, taking guests to all four main islands and following the predicted blooming season as it moves south to north,” says Hughes. “Moreover, guests sailing to Japan with us will have the chance to enjoy four unique Japanese festivals throughout August: Aomori Nebuta Festival; Kochi Yosakoi Dance Festival; Tokushima Awa Dance Festival; and Kumano Fireworks Festival.” For cruise guests who want to discover more of Asia, Crystal’s 58-night cruise from Bali to Singapore enables passengers to visit almost every Asian country. “Departing in February 2024, this itinerary is deep exploration into Asia, allowing guests to experience the very best of this fascinating region,” says Archbold. “Our 13-night voyage onboard Crystal Symphony touches the southern tip of Japan then goes to Taiwan, the Philippines and Borneo, finishing in Singapore. This gives guests a taste of north and south, of the bustling Hong Kong, the multiculture of Singapore or the quiet beauty of Boracay or Puerto Princesa.” While ocean cruise operators are focused on providing coastal and islandhopping itineraries, river cruise lines are exploring the region’s many waterways. “In Asia, almost more than anywhere else in the world, life unfolds along the riverbanks,” says Brad Bennetts, head of sales and business development at APT and Travelmarvel. “This makes cruising its inland waterways one of the most exciting, authentic and immersive “ Every country in Asia offers something different. So, a cruise through Asia is a voyage of discovery for all your senses” Tony Archbold, Crystal Photo: Unsplash/Evan Krause Coral, sandy beaches and limestone cliffs can be found in abundance on the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand