Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

31 St. Kitts, Caribbean St. Kitts boasts a rare, expanding rainforest that allows travellers to experience nature and encounter a vibrant variety of wildlife. Originally named Liamuiga, meaning ‘fertile land’, the island is home to an array of animals such as hummingbirds and vervet monkeys. Cruise guests can come face to face with these animals and see tropical plants like soursop and banana trees on a guided rainforest walk. They can also hike up Mount Liamuiga, the dormant volcano that is the island’s highest mountain and offers views of the rainforest below. Prince Rupert, Canada The Butze Rapids trailhead, just a 10-minute drive from the Prince Rupert Cruise Port in British Columbia, Canada, rewards walkers with views of the Pacific Northwest along with strategic stops and informative signage. Visitors can explore the unique Great Bear Rainforest ecosystem, brimming with rich flora, fauna and Indigenous heritage. They can also witness the dramatic reversing tidal rapids phenomenon, most striking during extreme tide ranges, and peak flows between high and low water. The trail meanders through second- and old-growth forests in the Coastal Western Hemlock bio geoclimatic zone, including open muskegs and stunted shore pines, shaped by challenging growing conditions.