Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

Foyle Port, Northern Ireland The spectacular Causeway Coastal Route stretches from Foyle Port in DerryLondonderry in the northwest of Ireland. With dramatic cliffs, picturesque fishing villages and ancient castle ruins along the winding coastline, there is plenty for cruise guests to explore. The showstopper is the spectacular rock formation of the Unesco World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway, which is just under an hour’s drive from the port and delights as the most popular shore excursion. The rugged, raw elemental beauty of the landscape filled with mythical stories truly captures the thrill of nature and adventure! Alicante, Spain Only 11 miles off the coast of Alicante in Spain is the uninhabited island of Tabarca. Accessible by boat from Alicante, this island has been designated as a Marine Reserve by the Spanish Government since 1986. A variety of marine fauna including sea bass, grouper, conger eel and gilthead are protected in this area by an artificial reef that was laid near the island by the Marine Reserve authorities, and the area was declared a ‘Zone of Special Protection for Birds’ by the European Union. Moreover, Alicante’s proximity to Tabarca positions the port as an ideal destination for cruise operators looking to engage stargazing enthusiasts. In the winter for example, constellations such as Orion, Taurus and Auriga can all be seen from the island. Crotone, Italy Crotone, home to Pythagoras and a Greek-founded city more ancient than Rome, is Italy’s largest marine protected area, spanning 15,000 hectares. Nestled by the sea, its historic core features the impressive Castle of Carlos V and an ancient cathedral dedicated to the Madonna Nera. The region is adorned with ancient towers and castles that are centuries old, including the sea-bound Aragon Fortress of Le Castella. Crotone also serves as a gateway to the towering Sila Mountains, a 150,000-hectare region. Within the Sila National Park, located an hour from Crotone, cruise guests can explore villages and participate in water sports activities like river rafting. 29