Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2024

For information on transiting the locks and channels of the St. Lawrence Seaway or other Great Lakes destinations, contact: REBECCA YACKLEY Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (202) 297-9448 • Explore the Great Lakes THE GREAT LAKES ST. LAWRENCE SEAWAY SYSTEM is a shared U.S.- Canadian waterway. Pristine rivers, lakes and channels make the Great Lakes a cruising destination that strikes the perfect balance between ocean travel and riverboating. The awe-inspiring experience includes traversing manmade locks that create more than 2,000 miles of inland cruising. This growing hub for luxury cruises includes the clear water of the St. Lawrence River and all five freshwater Great Lakes. Picturesque ports are rich with historic, maritime and Midwestern charm. Prime attractions are closely located to berthing space. Unique onshore experiences immerse passengers in local history, art, architecture and native cultures. Port communities on the Great Lakes go out of their way to welcome cruise ships and their passengers as they sail in throughout the spring, summer and fall. Your passengers won’t want to miss the unexplored experience on the freshwater seas. • About 1/3 of cruise vessels built today carry fewer than 400 passengers, providing a more intimate experience. • Ships in the St. Lawrence Seaway are small enough to navigate the locks and channels, but large enough for superior handling and stability in rough seas. • Maximum ship dimensions are length 225.50 m, beam 23.77 m and depth 8.08 m. SHIP FACTS