Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2023

2 8 Sailing towards greener horizons For cruise ports and destinations worldwide, ensuring future success means making progress in sustainability today. Many are prioritising investments in strategies that benefit the environment and protect the planet for future generations by, for example, partnering with industry stakeholders to develop and incentivise the use of alternative fuels, renewable energy and shore power facilities. Elly Yates-Roberts asks ports from around the world about their latest initiatives FEATURE Work at the UK’s second busiest cruise port – which welcomes over 25 cruise lines and 200,000 guests each year – has reduced its carbon footprint by 85 per cent since 2007. In 2022, the port launched its sustainability initiative – ‘Targeting Our Sustainable Future’ – which details its commitment to be carbon net zero by 2025 and ensures sustainability is held as a central priority within all business activities. This includes the sourcing of alternative fuels for land-based port operations, the use of renewable energy sources, and encouraging cruise lines to meet certain sustainability metrics, all of which contribute to greener cruising. Port of Dover, UK