Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2023

5 2 Viking’s upcoming vessel, Viking Saturn, is scheduled to debut in April 2023 with a maiden season in the Mediterranean and around Northern Europe. As an identical sister ship to the cruise line’s eight other ocean vessels, the ship will host 930 guests across its 465 staterooms. Its onboard features include a main swimming pool with a retractable roof for year-round swimming, a glassbacked infinity pool at its stern and eight dining options. Its spa facilities, in particular, will link Viking Saturn to the line’s northern roots with a traditional sauna and Snow Grotto. “The main difference between our ocean vessels is the variety of art collections onboard,” says Wendy Atkin-Smith, managing director of Viking UK. “The artwork across all the vessels is very much an ode to our Nordic heritage but Viking Saturn’s art collection will be entirely unique. We carefully select a diverse spectrum of work for each ship with a combination of established and emerging artists, most of whom are Norwegian.” The pieces will encompass a variety of media and approaches – from digital to print and from oil paintings to photography and sculpture, and aim to make guests feel relaxed and inspired by the destinations that they visit. One of the standout destinations in Viking Saturn’s maiden season is Reykjavik, Iceland. The popularity of the Icelandic capital is reflected in the line’s newest itineraries ‘Iconic Iceland, Greenland & Canada’, ‘Iceland & Norway’s Arctic Explorer’ and ‘Greenland, Iceland, Norway & Beyond’, which Viking Saturn will offer between May and August 2023. The ship will travel from Rome, Italy, to Barcelona in Spain before heading northwards for its Iceland-based voyages for the summer season. “Reykjavík is a unique place as it is the world’s northernmost capital city yet captures the distinctive feel of a fishing village,” says Atkin-Smith. “Just outside of the city there is an abundance of breathtaking natural sites, from towering waterfalls and soaring mountains to blue thermal springs.” As a smaller ship, Viking Saturn will be able to visit remote areas that travellers are less likely to access on larger cruise vessels. One of these remote “ Reykjavik is a unique place as it is the world’s northernmost capital city” Heading northwards Wendy Atkin-Smith reveals why Viking UK has chosen to create three new Iceland-based itineraries for latest ship Viking Saturn MA IDEN SEASON Two of Viking’s newest itineraries showcase the natural beauty of Norway