Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2022

9 5 “ There’s so much variety of offering that your guests just can’t do it all in one call” are going to be doing double calls, so they will be in one of our North Coast call ports the day before, and then the next day they’re going to be coming into Port Royal. We’re very focused on being able to deliver a unique experience in both of those ports of call. I think that once they’ve had that experience, we’re going to see a lot more cruise lines doing the same.” The sales pitch to the cruise lines regarding Jamaica’s many attractions, says Tatham, is: “You can mix and match these for multiple calls. There’s so much variety of offering that your guests just can’t do it all in one call. Working with us, you can deliver a very different experience for each call.” The cruise industry in general is seeing an increase in the number of people looking for more immersive experiences than in the past, and Tatham says Jamaican ports are well equipped to make the most of this. “We are definitely seeing more of that and that’s why we are following those trends. So, in Falmouth, which has a large collection of Georgian architecture, we’re installing storyboards for people who want to walk around and explore. We’re doing the same thing with the historical buildings in Port Royal. We’re giving visitors guide maps and we have storytellers in some of these locations. It’s all about offering something deeper than the traditional tourist experience, says Tatham. “There will always be a customer base that wants to lie on the beach or do a thing that you can do anywhere. However, in Jamaica, we try and offer an interesting slant on these activities that you can’t get somewhere else.” CFIP Adventurous cruise guests visiting Ocho Rios can climb Dunn’s River Falls and enjoy ziplining over the waterfall and rainforest canopy