Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2022

6 7 to create a memorable adventure,” she says. “Our Wrangel island voyage is particularly special, where travellers visit Wrangel Island Nature Reserve, home to the world’s highest concentration of polar bear dens, the largest population of Pacific walrus and more than 100 migratory bird species. Our expeditioners will also experience thrilling Zodiac cruise encounters with grey, humpback and beluga whales. Even better, this voyage is very accessible for our guests travelling from North America, as it begins and ends in Anchorage, Alaska.” As Aurora looks to the future, it will continue to look to push the boundaries of expedition cruising with new and exciting experiences. “We’re incredibly excited about what’s to come in our third decade of operation, which will include growth, new destinations, and continued exploration with the utmost respect for the natural environment,” says Ponfoort. “The first Antarctic Climate Expedition led by Dr. Sylvia Earle will set sail on the Sylvia Earle in February 2023. The ground-breaking 12-day voyage will change the way people see and understand the Antarctic and the role it plays in the safety and vitality of our environment.” CFIP Aurora Cruises will visit the far east of Russia in an upcoming voyage onboard Sylvia Earle