Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2022

6 1 Northern Europe the new ‘Impressionist France’ itinerary offers a chance to travel from Bordeaux, France, to Amsterdam, Netherlands, with an overnight in the French city of St-Malo and scenic cruising on the Seine River. Badgett is particularly anticipating Windstar’s return to the Black Sea in 2022, along with a transit of the Panama Canal planned for 2023. “We will be sailing from Istanbul in Turkey, which I am personally excited about,” she says. “My first Windstar cruise was in the Greek Isles and Turkey, and I absolutely fell in love with Istanbul. Meanwhile, I think the new ‘Spanish Treasures via the Panama Canal’ itinerary, visiting Bocas del Toro and San Blas Islands in Panama, Cartagena in Colombia, and Aruba, is an excellent mix of interesting cultural sites and gorgeous beaches.” Windstar has also announced that it will be embarking on its longest ever voyage, the 79-day ‘Grand European’ cruise. The itinerary will span 22 countries through the Baltic, Northern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea, and will include 71 days in port. This will include the cruise line’s first visit to Germany and the ports of Hamburg and Binz. “The cruise is part of a push by Windstar to offer more luxury-focused experiences,” says Badgett. “It’s also indicative of a growing trend of extravagant voyages and world cruises created to satiate a travel-starved cruise audience that is ready to book a once-in-alifetime trip.” Having recently relocated to Miami, Florida, where Windstar will be headquartered from 2022, Badgett is excited to sample the itineraries herself. “I want to take all of them!” she says. “I just returned from one of the first sailings of the newly transformed Star Breeze. I was absolutely amazed at the how the ship delivered the destination and at the tremendous excitement of the crew. I have a few trips planned to look at some possible new destinations for Windstar’s 2024 season, but no cruises planned until Star Pride departs from Barcelona in April of 2022. However, that can change tomorrow!” CFIP Guests enjoy al fresco dining near St Maarten The newly lengthened Star Breeze