Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2022

5 7 differentiate ourselves is by delivering a very distinct shore experience so we can go to the same place as other cruise lines and offer something unique. “We share our vision about authenticity, small groups and intrinsic value with tour operators so we can work with them to create our own curated experiences. We require some to be solely unique to Virgin Voyages so they can’t be replicated, for example, in Bimini, we have someone teach guests how to make Bimini bread. It’s not so much about the port itself, it’s more about finding a place where we can offer experiences that we think are going to be really compelling.” Block has been in the industry for over 20 years and knows how important an itinerary is to people when booking a cruise. While working on Virgin’s itineraries, she has focused on ensuring that there is more time in port and offering rich experiences as opposed to making them a box-ticking exercise. “Our branding is important because what we’re providing onboard is different from anything else that exists in the cruise industry,” says Block. “This is such a unique and upscale product for our passengers to enjoy, wherever they go. The itinerary is always going to be important, and we spend a lot of time and energy on it.” Virgin’s Scarlet Lady is starting out with four to five itineraries in the Caribbean, departing from Miami, Florida. “The decision for this was very intentional because it helps to bring people into the brand and understand it,” says Block. “We believe that once they come and experience the product, they’re going to want to come back again. Therefore, we’re growing our itineraries on our second ship, Valiant Lady, so there will be six, seven and eight-night sailings – and we will do the same for our third ship Resilient Lady. “ Bimini is a marquee moment of a Virgin cruise experience and is unique to our brand” Virgin Voyages will host nightly bonfire “fireball ritual” experiences on the beach before guests return to the ship for sailaway