Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2022

Gerry Aird, Managing Director, Whitchurch Shipping “Whitchurch Shipping and Tours has had the distinction of being a platinum member of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association for many years. This membership association has contributed immeasurably to our success and that of Dominica’s, the ‘Nature Island’ of the Caribbean. Cruising the Caribbean is a fact of life and has been for many years. Indigenous culture, architecture, cuisine, the natural environment and tremendous joie de vivre have all encouraged cruisers to return repeatedly. From large, modern port facilities to smaller and more intimate infrastructure, like the Port of Roseau, the word is out – 2022 is the year for passengers to travel the world’s seas again.” 4 9 “I was born and raised in the Caribbean so I can certainly confirm the saying that ‘the view never gets old’. In addition to the traditional appeal of year-round sunshine, white-sand beaches and tropical rainforests, the Caribbean’s rich culture, history and friendly people make for diverse cruise itineraries. Recent port developments and innovations in shore excursions have created even greater demand for the Caribbean. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, the strong Caribbean brand lives on. I am proud to say that Antigua Cruise Port is one such port with great appeal, as we have recently completed the fifth berth which can accommodate the world’s largest cruise vessels.” Dona Regis–Prosper, General Manager Antigua Cruise Port