Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2022

4 1 tour operator partners, we know that people are booking as far out as 2024. We’re confident that Florida’s tourism numbers will bounce back.” According to Pushaw, Florida’s rising tourism numbers, coupled with the changing CDC regulations, indicate that the cruise industry will recover in 2022 and beyond. “Although these figures about the state’s economy and tourism are not specific to the cruise industry, the general trend is very positive for hospitality, travel, and leisure in Florida,” she says. “This should be encouraging for the rebound of the cruise industry.” To further accelerate Florida’s cruise and tourism recovery, VisitFlorida has implemented a series of promotional initiatives targeting both the domestic and international markets. “We’ve remained active throughout the pandemic, staying engaged with our audiences to ensure they keep Florida front of mind, which put our state in a good position for when people started travelling again,” says Young. “Our short- to medium-term plans include marketing domestically and in key international markets (Canada, UK and Ireland, Germany, Brazil and Mexico). We’ll be focusing on consumer advertising and creating content for social media and public relations, as well as working closely with tour operators on co-op marketing.” As part of these efforts, VisitFlorida will focus on promoting ‘cruise and stay’ itineraries to Florida. “Florida has a variety of options for cruise travellers who extend their holiday and explore “ We’re confident that Florida’s tourism numbers will bounce back” Dana Young, VisitFlorida Governor Rob DeSantis, pictured speaking onboard a cruise ship pre-pandemic, has been instrumental in restarting cruising from Florida