Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2022

3 9 Stockholm is one of the world’s most popular cruise capitals. In the Stockholm region alone, the cruise industry generates a total of a176 million ($198.6 million) and 1,100 jobs, a significant proportion of those in the tourism industry. Stockholm has remained open to cruise ships during the pandemic but everything is now starting to return to normal. The beautiful scenic approach sailings to Stockholm through the archipelago, culminating in arrival in the city centre, make the experience unique. Ports of Stockholm, Sweden For 195 years, Cowes has developed its reputation as the first-choice international destination for sailors with an enviable history of yachting events. It has also been a great choice for holidaymakers and even British royalty. Cowes and the Isle of Wight has continued to develop its tourism offer and has created a varied and long list of unique, natural and man-made attractions to give any cruise visitor a memorable experience. Cowes Harbour, Isle of Wight, England The port and the city of A Coruña are taking maximum care of the cruise ships, their guests and crew members. Close contact with cruise line executives in the first calls have been intensified, and in the port the first ships were received with musical entertainment and plaque exchange ceremonies with the local authorities. The Trasatlánticos pier is in the centre of the city and cruisers disembark directly in the historic area. The economic impact of the return of cruising is estimated at a15 million ($16.9 million). A Coruña, Spain