Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2022

3 7 their destinations when the industry opened up again. Bullock highlights American Cruise Lines’ cruises in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, as well as the Mississippi, while Schäfer recommends Sea Cloud Spirit’s Canary Islands to Las Palmas itinerary as “a perfect mixture of sailing and land experience” and Sea Cloud II’s Istanbul to Piraeus itinerary for “swimming from the ship and small, hidden Cyclades and Sporades islands.” Meanwhile, Galli Zugaro says: “One of the most special aspects of sailing in an unexplored and incredibly biodiverse location such as the Peruvian Amazon, is that no two voyages are the same. I’m excited for our guests to continue exploring the deepest parts of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve with our expert guides.” And Lagerweij says longer voyages such as Albatros’s ‘Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands’ itinerary have been attracting guests post-Covid, “so we have opened extra departures.” All the operators are looking forward to introducing guests to unmissable new shore excursions. These range from camping on the famous Greenland ice cap for Albatros, to catamaran sailing and snorkelling in the Tobago Cays for Sea Cloud Cruises. Meanwhile, Aqua Expeditions will take guests to ancient nutmeg plantations in Indonesia’s Spice Islands, and Metropolitan’s tours feature sightings of the ‘BIG15’ mustsee endemic species of Galapagos. The cruise sector is well equipped to serve guests safely going forward, says Oceanwide’s Braeckman. “IAATO, AECO and all member operators have been working towards safe and feasible health protocols,” he says. “Oceanwide Expeditions has implemented a rigorous system of safety protocols, including full Covid-19 vaccination, to help ensure the health of our passengers, staff, and crew during all voyages. These protocols are continuously updated based on the latest scientific information.” CFIP “ The global tourism industry experienced a huge hit, but I was always positive that we would come out of this stronger” Francesco Galli Zugaro, Aqua Expeditions Guests can spot King Penguins on Albatros Expeditions’ cruises to Antarctica and South Georgia, while those on Oceanwide Expeditions’ voyages to Northern Norway can glimpse the aurora borealis