Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2022

1 2 cruise lines as their customers, while we focus on our guests,” says Nestour. “As an industry, we see strong ongoing demand from our guests for cruise vacations, so it works very well when ports, governments and tourist boards that want to keep or attract cruise lines focus on what makes them unique and why they are a popular fit for our itineraries.” Nestour offers the following advice to those ports who are looking to win more cruise business from Carnival Corporation and other companies. “If you have a workable port from a nautical and infrastructure point of view, tell us why you are unique and should be on one of our itineraries,” he says. “You should understand and focus on your customers, the cruise lines, and be resilient. Cruise lines are very open to ideas and collaboration.” Crucial to all of Carnival Corporation’s efforts in port development, itinerary planning and the rest of its business, are the workers and partners of the cruise industry. Nestour points out that they are the only reason that any of the company’s cruises are possible, wherever they are in the world. “What has amazed me since I started working in this industry is the diligence of its people,” he says. “We all know the cruise industry aims to create great memories for our guests but sometimes we also have an opportunity to create great memories for those who work in the business. A cruise would not happen without the crew and shoreside teams, the travel agents, the port authorities, city mayors and representatives, the taxi and bus drivers, the shore excursion businesses and their guides, the many supply chain partners critical to our operation – the list goes on and on.” Carnival Corporation found a way to acknowledge the important role people play in the cruise industry when building its second terminal at the Port of Barcelona. “We assembled a collection of photos from all of our cruise line brands, as well as the people who helped us build the cruise terminal, and we created a mural of the Barcelona skyline as a display for our guests to enjoy while getting ready to embark with excitement for their cruise vacation,” says Nestour. “I was very proud that we were able to acknowledge many of the people involved directly and indirectly in our operation.” CFIP Clockwise from left, Carnival Corporation has cruise port partnerships in Barcelona, Spain, and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates “ Cruise lines are very open to ideas and collaboration” KEYNOTE