Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2020

3 0 C urating the perfect cruise itinerary has always been challenging for operators. However, the task has become infinitely more difficult in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, cruise lines must find ports and destinations that not only have rigorous health and safety procedures in place to protect guests, crew and local communities, but that also offer onshore activities and excursions to delight guests of all ages and tastes. We ask executives from Crystal Cruises, P&O Cruises Australia and Royal Caribbean Group how they are overcoming these challenges to continue providing exciting itineraries that will encourage travellers to return to cruising. What role do you believe itineraries play in helping guests to choose a cruise? CD : Travellers know that regardless of which Crystal Cruises brand they sail with, they will experience a consistently excellent standard of luxury, service, cuisine and other onboard elements. Therefore, they make their decisions based on whether they want to visit new destinations, explore their favourite places again, or attend a special event that is happening in one of the destinations. The Mediterranean, for example, tends to be popular among returning guests because there are so many route options, enabling them to see new places. Plus, the region is rich in culture and offers multiple onshore Rebecca Gibson asks three cruise line executives to share how they will create compelling cruises that will entice travellers back to the seas in 2021 and beyond Inspiring itineraries The panel: CL AUDIUS DOCEK AL Vice president of deployment for Crystal Cruises T YLER RAND Director of port and destination development at Royal Caribbean Group MAT THEW RUTHERFORD Vice president of revenue management and deployment at P&O Cruises Australia ROUNDTABLE Crystal Endeavor will debut in 2021 and take guests to the polar regions and other remote destinations