Cruise & Ferry Itinerary Planning 2020

1 0 MARKETWATCH The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection prepares for inaugural season T he Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is making preparations to welcome guests onboard its first ship, Evrima, in 2021, three years after the company announced its entry into the cruise market. Already, the company has built up a selection of itineraries that include marquee ports alongside lesser-known destinations, a selection which, according to CEO Douglas Prothero, is the product of imaginative design and a commitment to guest satisfaction. “All of our itineraries were thoughtfully designed with the yachting lifestyle in mind,” said Prothero. “Rather than following a formula, our itinerary planning starts with a bit of a blank canvas. This allows us to choose a customised string of destinations that not only complement each other but also provide our guests with unforgettable journeys. In addition, we allow for sufficient time in each port to ensure our guests can fully immerse themselves in the destinations they are visiting.” The desire to deliver the yachting lifestyle also guides The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection’s requirements for a port, according to Prothero. “The ports that we choose offer opportunities for cultural experiences, enlightenment and adventure, allowing As the company looks forward to welcoming the first guests onboard Evrima, Douglas Prothero discusses the development of its unique itineraries