Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2024

19 first joined the brand’s parent company, Carnival Corporation, as chief experience and innovation officer. The experience is powered by medallions worn by guests that connect to thousands of sensors as they move throughout the ship. This data is shared with Princess’s patented technology platform to power every onboard experience. “Our technology is unique in the travel industry and enables real-time service personalisation for every guest at any time at any scale,” says Padgett. “On-demand individualised services like these are unparalleled in the big ship space.” Environmentally conscious cruising Sun Princess is the first LNG-powered vessel in the Princess fleet and is also equipped with several other technologies to minimise its environmental impact. It has an advanced wastewater treatment system; desalination and reverse osmosis systems so it can produce up to 90 per cent of the fresh water used onboard; and extensive recycling, food dehydration and other systems to significantly reduce waste. “Preserving and protecting our planet for future generations is a top priority for Princess and Carnival Corporation,” says Padgett. “Sun Princess will progress our emissions reductions by decreasing relative energy and fuel consumption through the use of LNG fuel, LED lighting, HVAC system automation, a hull air lubrication system and advanced hull coatings.” Elevating the Princess cruise experience Sun Princess debuted with a 10-day ‘Grand Mediterranean’ roundtrip from Rome, Italy, to Barcelona, Spain. The ship will continue providing “exciting new choices” in the Mediterranean with departures from Rome, Barcelona, and Athens in Greece, until October 2024, when it will reposition to North America sail Caribbean itineraries from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It will return to the Mediterranean in spring 2025. “Sun Princess will further galvanise Princess’s global brand positioning,” says Padgett. “It will transport guests to marquee ports worldwide, while offering sweeping vistas from various onboard vantage points, creating a sense of adventure and connection to both the ocean and the destinations that is unmatched by our competitors.” Now it is sailing, Padgett expects the ship to set new standards for both Princess and the wider industry. “Sun Princess has been meticulously crafted to raise the guest experience to unprecedented heights,” he says. “Our focus on innovative design and sustainable technologies showcases our commitment to raising the experiential bar with unparalleled luxury, variety, personalisation and value. The combination of iconic spaces, global adventures, culinary excellence, luxurious accommodations and exceptional amenities elevates the guest experience to an entirely new level and sets Princess apart as an industry leader that offers a cruise vacation like no other.” KEYNOTE The Arena can be arranged in three different stage configurations, making it possible to host a range of different productions