Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2024

135 that while dedicated vessel managers are responsible for overseeing the overall seamless ship operations, experts are available to provide support in areas such as energy efficiency, HVAC or hotel engineering. While COLUMBIA blue is providing highly specialised services to the leisure industry, the economies of scale offered to clients by the wider Columbia Group provides operational efficiency on a global level and makes its offering more competitive for clients. CCS’s network of worldwide in-house crewing agencies and partners, training facilities, and procurement and logistics partners are also being reviewed and developed. Reliable bunker prices and supplies are another area where all the company’s clients can reduce costs by pooling prices. “Our clients further benefit from the group-wide environment, governance and sustainability ambitions that they can participate in, to the desired level,” says Hendrik Stellamanns, managing director of CCS. “Sustainability and renewable energy always come at a cost, and we are specialised in navigating our clients through this challenging landscape. Five-year plans for our fleet are a key element to ensure the appropriate level of renewal and innovation. The Columbia Group also offers a holistic solution to the newly implemented European Union Emissions Trading System regulations to all clients.” The vessels under CCS management are continually monitored for performance and efficiency by the team in Columbia’s performance optimisation room at its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus. This information allows the ship’s crew to optimise their fuel consumption, while weather, wind and current models allow them to make adjustments to take advantage of optimal sailing conditions. “Monitoring our clients’ ships and their performance closely is an important factor in enabling us to meet International Maritime Organization targets on greenhouse gas emissions,” concludes Stellamanns. “ We will be facilitating the exchange of new ideas and cross-company opportunities in the maritime leisure sphere”