Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2024

13 will its sister ship, Star Princess, when it debuts in summer 2025.” Iconic interiors Designed to “simultaneously embrace Princess heritage while boldly pressing into the future with iconic, elegant and pure lines unique to the brand”, the new Sphere-class ships will “elevate and maximise” the guest experience. “We have retained a uniquely Princess style that is progressive yet classic,” says Padgett. “People will know Sun Princess is a Princess ship the moment they see it, but they’ll also immediately see it is next level on every dimension. For example, commonly used ship designs contain guests inwardly, but we have introduced more balconies and shifted interior public area spaces outwards on Sun Princess. Now, the ship delivers more memorable vantage points to take in the stunning destinations and ocean vistas.” Princess collaborated with a broad team of expert designers and engineers to develop the ship. They included longstanding partners that have decades of cruise design experience, such as Jeffrey Beers and Tillberg Design of Sweden, as well as others that had never worked in the sector. “Our new partners are some of the most respected designers in their fields and we leaned into their expertise to create great spaces our guests would love,” says Padgett. “We shared what has worked well on our other ships but also gave them the freedom to offer fresh perspectives on what we could do that had not been done before.” Apple Store designer iCrave created The Dome, which is in the forward section of the ship above the bridge. It is a multilevel, multipurpose entertainment space covered by the first glass-enclosed geodesic dome on a cruise ship. “The Dome is inspired by the terraces of Santorini in Italy and is home to an indoor/outdoor pool and unique threedeck high water feature during the day,” says Padgett, noting that the space is climate controlled. “At night, the pool becomes a stage, and we use lighting to completely transform the space into an entertainment venue with a South Beach, Miami, vibe. This is where we host amazing aerial performances created in partnership with Cirque Eloize.” “ Sun Princess is the most impressive, luxurious and stunning love boat ever created” KEYNOTE Multipurpose entertainment space The Dome is covered by the first glass-enclosed geosodic dome on a cruise ship