Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2023

78 INTERIOR VIEW Moby Fantasy, the new flagship of the Moby Lines fleet, has arrived at the port of Livorno, Italy. It is the Italian operator’s newest ferry and is one of the largest passenger ferries ever built, at 237 metres long, 32 metres wide and 69,500gt. It has the capacity to host 3,000 passengers in 441 cabins and is also able to transport 3,850 linear metres of rolling cargo. The ship, easily recognisable by the blue whale painted on its exterior, was delivered by China’s Guangzhou Shipyard in mid-April and will serve the Livorno-Olbia route. Moby Fantasy has an indoor and outdoor bar, a bistro, an à la carte restaurant, an armchair lounge and an area for children. All onboard services, except for the outdoor bar, are located on a single deck that runs from stern to bow. The ferry’s interior features a modern and geometric design with soft colour furnishings chosen to convey a sense of tranquillity and create a welcoming place for passengers. The reception on deck nine is accessible from an escalator and elevators. The area has sofas and ample room for passengers to rest and relax. The Sport Bar, which, with its 723 seats, is the largest venue on the ship. Tables and sofas are positioned to the side of the space and there are armchairs located around the bar’s large central counter. The space also hosts a bakery, A modern interior design welcomes guests travelling on Moby Lines’ newest vessel, one of the largest passenger ferries in the world Moby Fantasy A visualisation of Moby Fantasy, with a distinctive blue whale painted on its exterior