Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2023

FEATURE With contemporary-styled interiors, we look to find a way to tell a story. We have an opportunity to dial in the clients’ brand and aspirations and find the personality within the design which ultimately holds up interest and has longevity. In essence, the styling is unique in every case. The passengers for the duration of a cruise form a community and, for us, it is important to understand the journey of the guest and the crew from morning to evening. We want to create a frictionless service and a partnership with the interior design and service signatures, building in touchpoints to engage with the guest. We set out a vision and a narrative with our partner from the outset; this acts as our ‘North Star’ throughout the design process. We work with various stakeholders and consultants, drawing on their wealth of knowledge and experience to enrich and bring to life the experience. Alex Smith asks selected interior designers about the process of conceiving original and comfortable interior designs, and how they judge the success of their creations Contemporary comfort Nicola Preece Design Director, AD Associates 57