Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

5 6 CH: We have a number of measures already in place, from providing passengers with reusable water bottles to installing cabin carpets made from recycled fishing nets. Our chefs use local produce as much as possible and when we refurbished the ships, we donated all the old furniture to charity. Sustainability remains high on our agenda and will be a real focus over the coming months and years. PM: We know it’s not enough to make the everyday changes, like removing single-use plastic – travel companies need to go further. In partnership with our non-profit charitable fund OneTomorrow, we are on a mission to make a positive and lasting impact through environmental causes that include supporting indigenous communities and promoting equal access to Covid-19 vaccinations. Our guests are contributing to initiatives to make the world a better place. LR: Our new hybrid powered ship A-ROSA Sena is leading the way when it comes to lowering our environmental footprint and protecting the rivers. The ship combines a diesel engine with an electric motor – she manages energy consumption efficiently and is also able to generate electricity from exhaust heat, making her the most climatefriendly ship on Europe’s rivers. We work with destinations to further develop sustainable concepts including water and waste management, and bring guests into cities for lengthy periods, often overnight, to support the local economy. How are you juggling overcrowding issues and keeping guests happy? CH: Overcrowding is not an issue on our river ships. All vessels carry a maximum of 155 passengers, so there’s plenty of space. The layout of our bars and restaurants allows for social distancing and are waiter-service only. We’ve adapted our entertainment programme to meet safety guidelines. We provide customers with plenty of guidance before they travel, to reassure and make them aware of what they can expect onboard. PM: Our ships are designed to ensure that there is plenty of space for everyone. Proximity to the shore, and the ease with which they can get onto land also helps customers feel confident. Land excursions are designed to ensure guest well-being at every stage, with smaller tour sizes on offer. Our Travelmarvel brand is created with flexibility in mind – guests can choose to interact with one another as much or as little as they prefer. LR: We don’t have overcrowding issues – that’s the beauty of river cruising. Our ships are smaller and we work closely with the destinations we visit to ensure that guests have plenty of time to ROUNDTABLE APT’s guests are able to explore destinations with the help of expert local tour guides A-ROSA has built a new hybrid powered ship named A-ROSA Sena as part of its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its cruise operations Photo: ATP