Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

3 9 Photo: Merima F. Ball and Co. Ltd helps with ‘perfect flooring installation’ for Crystal Endeavor The ‘perfect flooring installation’ for Crystal’s cruise ship, Crystal Endeavor, has been achieved by flooring contractor Venue Marine, an installation partner of product supplier Kerry Johns Marine, under the project management of global turnkey cruise ship interiors specialist Merima. The work demanded the highest level of workmanship and materials to install luxurious carpeting throughout public areas of the ship, including the Palm Court and Crystal Cove entertainment areas, Waterside restaurant and the Sea Casino. To guarantee the highest levels of aesthetics and durability, Venue Marine used flooring adhesives from the UK-based manufacturer of floor preparation products and flooring adhesives, F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Specifically, contractors opted for a dual-bond system comprising F. Ball’s Styccobond F40 and F3 adhesives. This combination creates a permanent bond between the carpet and underlay, with a peelable bond between the underlay and the deck of the ship. As such, the carpet will remain firmly fixed in place and looking its best throughout its lifetime, while enabling quick and easy removal when it eventually needs replacing. Cainby provides signage onboard Viking Glory Cainby, a signage supplier for cruise ships and shipyards, has delivered all wayfinding and information signage for Viking Line’s new vessel, Viking Glory, which debuted in the Baltic Sea on 1 March 2022. The order included thousands of signs in various materials and constructions, all tailored to the architects’ specifications. Cainby’s design department has also supplied the design for the cabin, car deck and elevator directories, as well as the general wayfinding signage. In addition, it developed tailored solutions and produced and installed the signage for the ship’s game room. Focused on quality and efficiency, Cainby caters to all sizes of projects, designing and delivering signage for various indoor and outdoor applications including digital, illuminated, safety and wayfinding.