Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

3 4 MARKETWATCH Staying connected at sea Companies develop new solutions to improve communication and connectivity for the cruise and ferry industry Report Speedcast technology maintains comms between coverage areas Speedcast – a provider of remote communication and IT solutions for the maritime industry – has created a centrally orchestrated intelligent automation system called Truebeam. The system gives ships anywhere in the world the ability to seamlessly maintain communications, even while moving in and out of a satellite beam’s coverage area. To make the best use of their available bandwidth, it is vital for cruise operators to take advantage of a solution like Truebeam, which automatically manages any type of available, in-range network to ensure seamless, always-on connectivity. Installing wireless access points onboard and allowing passengers to connect to land-based 4G and long-term evolution networks when they reach port helps to lighten the load on the ship’s satellite wi-fi when docked. And, remote installation of bandwidth-saving, modern equipment platforms mean operators can maximise their networks without waiting for another technician to come aboard. Speedcast creates an automation system that gives cruise operators the ability to stay connected anywhere in the world