Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 9 3 Málaga Cruise Port, Spain After a 15-month break, Málaga Cruise Port opened its doors to welcome the passengers of TUI Cruises on 15 June 2021. Together with the port authority and representatives of the destination, the team organised a warm welcome event for the passengers. “After dark and tough times, we, the employees as representatives of Málaga, are delighted with the restart,” says Rafael Jiménez, head of operations and port facility officer at Málaga Cruise Port. “The cruise industry is about joy, exploring new cultures and creating long lasting memories. We are very proud to be a part of this journey.” Ports of Toulon Bay, France After so many months of inactivity, the port and local community at Toulon Bay, on the Mediterranean coast of southern France, were emotionally moved to see a cruise ship with guests onboard entering the Bay of Toulon in September 2021. “For the whole community, who is passionate and committed to welcoming cruise guests, to greet the call of Mein Schiff 2 last September was a real celebration, leaving everyone indescribably happy,” says Delphine Beudin, head of business and development at Ports of Toulon Bay. “This happiness was shared with passengers, who stepped off the ship with broad smiles on their faces!” Cagliari Cruise Port, Sardinia For the time being, Cagliari Cruise Port is committed to managing the continuous changes to its cruise ship arrivals schedule. Both the city and cruise passengers are excited to resume visiting the destination independently. Cagliari hopes that the pandemic has not diminished its visitors’ passion for cruises and is optimistic that this type of holiday is more popular than ever. The port is looking forward to a busy 2022 season, expecting 120 calls to bring a total of 190,000 cruise passengers to Cagliari.