Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

V IEWPOINT A sustainable solution to cruise lighting Beadlight’s LED lights not only provide an ambient setting for guests, but they are also an energy-efficient option for cruise lines Lighting systems are of the utmost importance to modern cruise ships, accounting for up to 25 per cent of the total energy consumption that is not used on propulsion. In short, lighting is an area susceptible to a great deal of energy wastage that could easily be reduced by using more sustainable alternative lighting solutions such as LEDs. Beadlight provides task and ambient LED lights that can be installed within a cabin or suite, helping to create the perfect ambience for the passenger while also being environmentally sustainable. One example is our Somnus product, which consists of an ambient light with a bone china shade and a dedicated stem reading light. Both parts of the light use LEDs, making them energy efficient, and our patented diffusion system provides the perfect illumination, ensuring there is no compromise on quality. In addition, Somnus has integrated USB charging ports installed discretely in the base, offering added benefits to the passenger. Standard LED bulbs can be up to 80 per cent more energy efficient than conventional bulbs, plus our lights require very little maintenance – they only need to be wiped clean with a soft cloth. Beadlight products are designed to last for over 20 years. This longevity contributes to a reduction in maintenance time, increasing efficiency and saving time and energy that could be used elsewhere. At Beadlight, we pride ourselves on innovation and we are focused on developing and supplying products that are seen as leaders within the market. Our in-house design team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in LED lighting. They are undertaking projects such as incorporating wireless charging technologies into our products and providing lights with UV air filtration capabilities across the maritime, aerospace and contract interiors industries. CFR Matt Swiergon is a sales manager at Beadlight By Matt Swiergon, Beadlight The Somnus light from Beadlight (above) is energy efficient and has integrated USB charging ports, while Beadlight ’s Libeccio product (right) incorporates wireless charging technology 1 9 1