Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 8 7 cleaner fit with a brush, a spray extraction nozzle and a contra-rotating brush cleaner. At each stage, the samples were dried, reconditioned and weighed to determine how much soil had been removed. The results clearly demonstrated the superior cleanability of the flocked floor covering, showing that a 77.7 per cent mean of soil was removed after the use of a contrarotating brush cleaner. This meant it had the least amount of soil remaining after each cycle. Ship operators will need to vary the method and frequency of cleaning processes for Flotex FR depending on the area of use onboard the vessel, the volume and rate of foot traffic, and the type of soiling being brought inside. Simple upright vacuuming is very effective as a regular cleaning method whilst hot water spray extraction or three-in-one spray and brush machine methods are better for deep cleaning. Fresh spillages should be spot cleaned as quickly as possible, while water soluble stains, such as jam or red wine, should be scraped, rinsed with hot water and brushed to agitate the pile and remove any excess liquid. Greasy stains, such as those from oil, will require the use of detergent mixed with a small amount of hot water and apply the same scrape, scrub and rinse method, ensuring that the detergent is fully rinsed out with clean water. Stains such as permanent marker or shoe polish can be removed using a safe solvent and chewing gum can be lifted with the help of a suitable freezing agent. The amount of time it takes for a floor covering to dry is also a major concern for operators who are keen to minimise turnaround times. The study also looked specifically at this aspect and tested the drying characteristics of flocked floor coverings alongside six different carpet constructions. Each floor covering was subjected to two passes using an industrial spray extraction machine and the remaining moisture content was measured after various periods of time to establish how long each took to dry. After just two hours, the flocked pile sample was substantially drier than all the other constructions of carpet, with only 0.57 per cent of moisture remaining, and after five hours, the pile was almost completely dry. Other samples still retained significant amounts of moisture. Flocked floor coverings are clearly different to any other carpets on the market in terms of cleanability. Factor in their faster drying times, durability, allergy benefits, acoustic and slip resistant properties, varied design options and it is clear to see why this innovative floor covering is popular with passenger ship operators worldwide. CFR Béatrice Balle Coureau is product manager of Flotex at Forbo Flooring Systems Elite Exhibitions CEO Toby Walters and CFR’s executive editor Jon Ingleton participate in the demonstration to show the cleanability of Flotex FR