Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 8 2 REPORT Revolutionising ship design Tillberg Design of Sweden is using simulation modelling to help it optimise layouts for interiors and deliver a tailored passenger experience T illberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) is embarking on an initiative to streamline efficiency in cruise ship design by implementing simulation modelling into its processes. The simulation modelling process creates a digital prototype of the physical world to analyse it and predict its performance. Interactive digital simulation can be applied to any number of industries and uses algorithms and equations to provide a dynamic environment for computer model analyses. The AnyLogic software allows for multiple processes to be simulated and analysed in the design phase, from passenger flow to crew efficiency, sustainability and revenue opportunities. This allows a design concept to be tested and validated in a risk-free environment prior to any significant capital investment. The first and most important area of focus for TDoS is the simulation modelling of each design concept’s interior layout and passenger flow. This method allows the team to analyse many ‘what-if ’ scenarios, including the density measurement of specific areas onboard to predict how crowded a space will be. Issues can therefore be addressed before the ship is built. The company also envisages that it may use simulation modelling in areas such as operations, sustainability and strategy in future. “The use of AnyLogic within the hospitality and marine sectors to improve guest experience requirements and operational issues is something entirely new, which we believe has never been done before on that scale,” says Iina Forsblom, cruise design director at TDoS. “The big data within the marine industry is becoming an important factor in decision-making. However, there has not been an effective method to utilise or translate that data, collected throughout the years. This is how we came to work with simulation modelling tools so we can translate passenger and operational data into design decisions that further tailor the passenger’s onboard experience, yielding more profit for the cruise lines. What once was a process that relied exclusively on experience now applies scientific and mathematical methodologies to better solve issues at the design stage.” CFR Simulation modelling allows Tillberg Design of Sweden to analyse ‘what-if ’ scenarios and address issues before the ship is built