Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 7 7 Another highly immersive restaurant is Red Ginger which was developed by DADO designer John Palacio. The space was inspired by the Indochine Style, which is known for fusing French romanticism and Asian artistry. Two distinct chairs reminiscent of bird cages flank a custom-designed wood chinoiserie curio cabinet lacquered in mandarin orange and adorned with antique vases at the restaurant’s entrance set the mood for an unforgettable dining experience. A collection of pagoda-style floor lamps adorns the way to the tables, basking the restaurant in warm light. Composed of two dining areas, the restaurant provides various ambiences that range from an intimate enclave surrounded by decorative screened walls to the high-ceilinged dining room that is anchored by three dramatic 10-foot-wide glass chandeliers. The team has also a custom wall art installation comprising glass and metal pieces inspired by the hanging lanterns of Hoi An in Vietnam. “We want guests to feel special, like they are dining in a truly luxurious environment where every surface has been touched by the hands of skilled artisans,” says Palacio. “It’s a space that establishes a language anchored in historic references that highlight the beauty of Asia. The abundance of details creates moments for discovery which will keep guests wanting to come back not only for the delectable culinary delights but also for the richness that is brought through the intriguing interiors of this memorable space.” CFR Studio DADO designers John Palacio, Jonathan Da Cruz and founding partner Yohandel Ruiz focus on carefully crafting the small details that bring interior spaces such as Ember (top and middle) and Red Ginger (bottom) alive for guests