Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 7 3 Delivering high-quality entertainment onboard cruise ships has always been expensive. However, TimePlay has developed a winning formula to monetise entertainment, using its highly engaging interactive social gaming platform that allows everyone in the audience to play along with the show on stage. The result is a unique experience that turns the audience from watchers into players, delivering both high entertainment net promoter score and revenues. TimePlay has an extensive product catalogue consisting of game shows, trivia and bingo. Joining in the fun Amega Entertainment expects its Heliride Mini Helicopter virtual reality (VR) experience to become popular with cruise guests who want to explore the world from a new perspective, all without leaving the ship. Guests can sit inside a mock helicopter and put on a VR headset technology to embark on a virtual helicopter ride and see a bird’s-eye view of cities in various countries around the globe. The simulator uses highmotion technology and real-life images to ensure the experience is as realistic and enjoyable as possible. Taking a tour of the skies DOF Robotics and Feld Entertainment have developed a new virtual reality (VR) simulator that will enable cruise guests to experience the thrill of driving the famous Grave Digger monster truck (advert pictured). The Monster Jam Grave Digger monster truck simulator is built on a six-axis platform that makes pitch, roll and yaw movements. The realistic motion combined with the video delivered through VR headsets and the strong wind effects make this an unforgettable ride. Bringing Monster Trucks to the sea