Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 6 3 “During the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo in Miami, US, one of the products that caught our attention was one of the sink units from Eumar Design, which we noticed for its sustainable characteristics. It was made of a unique, lightweight composite stone material, perfect for use in the marine industry. But we were in awe and won over by its timeless beauty and elegance. It was like stepping into another world. For a designer, it ’s one of these finds where everything comes together and right away becomes a favourite. It was totally inspiring, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into our next project.” Nedgé Louis-Jacques, Partner and Senior Designer at Tomas Tillberg Design Photo: Eumar Design “Refits are always a special challenge when it comes to giving a bar or restaurant a new look during a short renovation phase. With regards to budget-friendly implementation, this often means maintaining parts of the existing structures and achieving a powerful impact in the sense of a new concept or a new statement with additional smaller modifications. In one of our current projects, we are using, among other things, a product that we have had our eyes on for a long time; decorative chain curtains from Cascade Architectural. We want to achieve several effects with the help of decorative chain curtains: On the one hand they should serve the ceiling design and the zoning of the room, while on the other hand they should act as an effective light installation. Chain curtains are also easy to install, absolutely non-flammable, extremely durable and very easy to care for.” Jochen Hagen, Owner of Cubik 3 Photo: Cascade Architectural