Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 5 6 Choosing the right materials and products to use within a space is a difficult, but crucial, part of the job for designers and outfitters and can determine the overall success or failure of a design. We ask members of the cruise interiors community to highlight some of the high-quality products that they rely upon when bringing an outstanding interior to life The elements of exceptional design FEATURE “As a design team, we always like to experiment with materials. Corian has been for us a very flexible and inspiring material. In such a restricted field as ship interiors, Corian is a lifesaver when it comes to sculptural forms, engraved patterns and seamless surfaces. It liberates our creativity and offers limitless potentials both in design and construction. Corian has always been a valuable tool for us, even more nowadays when organic forms get more and more popular and appealing, contradicting the strict environment of a ship.” Marina Philippides, Principal Interior Designer at AMK Architecture and Design Photo: CORIAN-CELEBRATION