Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

FEATURE 1 5 4 Interior favourites An outstanding interior design can excite, relax and inspire, shaping the way that both the ship and the voyage are perceived by guests. Alex Smith asks a selection of cruise executives to highlight their favourite onboard spaces and describe what makes them special Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Line “I’m not supposed to have favourites! I love all my ships equally, but if I was to single out an interior space, I’d choose the Grand Central atrium on Mardi Gras. Spanning three decks on the starboard side of the ship and overlooking the ocean, it ’s a breathtaking place to relax, enjoy a cocktail or a snack, read a book and people-watch during the day. At night, it converts to an entertainment venue combining technology, music and theatre. It ’s just stunning, and its Grand Central name is appropriate. It ’s the 24/7 hub of the ship in so many ways.” “The design of MSC Seashore’s aft lounge Le Cabaret Rouge is inspired by 1920s Paris and features vivid burgundies, gold details, crystal chandeliers and velvet curtains. This new lounge at the aft of the ship offers superb sea views through its generous glass walls. Its design draws you into this special space to give a sense of excitement that seduces you as you venture further. Le Cabaret Rouge is a venue designed to transform from day to night, creating a unique experience for our guests. During the day it ’s the perfect lounge to relax, enjoy the background music and gaze at the stunning views of the sea. At night, the lounge transforms to offer thrills and live entertainment that evolves as the night progresses, featuring live bands, pop-up performances combined with cabaret dancers, aerialists and many other wonderful surprises for our guests.” Trevor Young, Vice President of New Building at MSC Cruises