Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 5 0 Getslash is an international technology company offering high-quality products and professional IT services tailored to the cruise industry. The company is focused on providing guests and crew members with a seamless and personalised experience – before, during and after their cruise. Getslash’s product portfolio covers the entire range of guest- and crew-facing solutions. At the heart is its guest experience platform, which extends across stateroom TVs, digital signage screens and mobile devices. Fully manageable internet access, intelligent in-room automation and universal integration application programming interfaces complete Getslash’s holistic approach to improving the guest and crew experience. Clients can build their platform as they need and flexibly combine and integrate Getslash’s solutions based on any current or future requirements. Entertainment and systems | Technology CMI Leisure Management has expertise in cruise hospitality and aims to deliver customised hotel management and hospitality services. The company aspires to provide its clients with a superior product in the most costeffective manner possible and peace of mind. CMI’s mission is to provide a superior guest experience that delivers a lifetime of memories and creates repeat customers, and to deliver a comprehensive range of high quality and cost-efficient hotel management services that optimise performance and provide the best possible return to clients and shareholders. Crew/personnel | Laundry | Hotel operations Getslash Albert-Einstein-Str. 9, Oelde, 59302 Germany Stefan Schnatz, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Tel: +49 2522 8343490 CMI Leisure Management 4770 Biscayne Blvd, PH-D, Miami, Florida, 33020 USA Dietmar Wertanzl, President and CEO Tel: +1 786 522 7396 Cummins offers a complete line of propulsion, generator and auxiliary power solutions designed specifically for cruise, ferry and other marine passenger applications. Its solutions are developed with the client ’s needs in mind – from low total cost of ownership to safe and reliable operations that keep businesses running and customers happy. The company’s service and support network is available in more than 190 countries, meaning that no matter the vessel or port, Cummins parts and providers are accessible, helping to maximise uptime and decrease total cost of ownership. With connected technology – that allows for the fine-tuning of performance – and collaborative engineering, Cummins products have a bespoke focus, with the company’s intuitive service network available anywhere in the world. Engineering | Propulsion Daspos is a Danish company that specialises in durable fire protection solutions within the maritime industry, which has resulted in the leakage alarm system, LAS-10, an atmospheric oil mist and hydrocarbon detection system for the open engine room, and the new hot-box detector H-18. LAS-10 is a fire-prevention solution, which builds on the functionality of the leakage alarm system on a very large amount of air flow – 10,000 litres per minute – through a detection chamber and a specially designed filter. The electronics in the detector combine and analyse the content of gasses and oil sprays. A sudden increase in pressure over the installed filter notifies the crew about the increased dangerous situation. “The best fires are the ones that never took place.” Engineering | Ship safety | Technology Daspos Gl. Klausdalsbrovej 495, Herlev, DK-2730 Denmark Lars Gerner, CEO Tel: +45 4432 7767 Cummins 4400 Leeds Ave, Suite 300 Charleston, SC 29405 USA Jennifer McQuilken, Global Marketing Communications Leader, Marine and Oil & Gas Tel: +1 843 696 9534 FEATURED PARTNERS: MARINE OPERATIONS