Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 4 4 REPORT A new alternative to satellite connectivity The CruiseLink solution from Getslash allows cruise lines to provide cost-effective connectivity Fast and reliable internet access for guests and crew members is a major objective for modern cruise lines. The CruiseLink service from technology provider Getslash is a cellular solution that enables cruise lines to bypass expensive satellite connections when close to shore. Ideal for river cruises and for ocean cruise ships when they are in port or sailing near the coastline, CruiseLink can switch seamlessly between onshore internet provides, while also leveraging existing satellite connections as a fallback and working with portal solutions such as CruiseConnect, to give passengers and crew the quickest, most reliable and costefficient connection available. To set up the CruiseLink service on ships, a configuration of antennae and modems are installed onboard for the best possible internet experience. Getslash has established partnerships with cellular providers, so the CruiseLink algorithm will mix and match available services and bundle the connectivity over all lines. Traffic is sent to Getslash’s data centre, which provides a stable internet connection and a fully managed service for passengers and crew. Network coverage maps are updated daily, constantly improving the CruiseLink algorithm. The resulting internet experience is just like being at home, with speeds of up to 300 megabits per second (4G), depending on location. The technology is futureproof too, with easy upgrades to new generations such as 5G, with a speed of up to one gigabit per second. With a CruiseLink service onboard, cruise lines can save up to 50 per cent on internet costs compared to satellite connectivity, while also benefitting from higher bandwidth and lower latency. For the cruise line, there is transparent pricing per vessel per year and the confidence that they are offering the best possible connection to their guests. CFR